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The Entrepreneur’s DNA

Hal Gregersen on what makes a successful entrepreneur – “How do I as a leader create a safe space around me so that whatever my cultural environment is, provocative questions surface?”

Hal Gregersen-zgenesis-The Entrepreneur's DNA

On fostering entrepreneurship: The data would say about one-third of our creative capacity is DNA. The other two-thirds is the world we grow up in and work in. So there are things I can do to foster it in children.

Young kids ask a thousand questions—because they don’t believe we’re listening. When they conclude that we’ve understood, they’ll stop asking. Listen carefully to those questions. When kids come home, instead of asking them, “What did you learn today?” Ask them, “What questions did you ask today?” or “What questions do you still have to ask today?”

It could be observing, networking and experimenting. Have dinners, have lunches, do things with people who don’t look, think or act like you. One of the biggest gifts we can give our children is the opportunity to live in a different country. That will give them an opportunity to see things differently and create like nobody else can.

Every innovator we interviewed, almost without exception, had adults in their lives who paid attention to these skills when they were growing up, and it made all the difference.

On sparking creativity at companies: Innovative companies are led by innovative chief executives. They spend their time asking provocative questions, observing the world like anthropologists, networking with people who don’t think, act or talk like them. They are willing to experiment and try new things.

You have to live it. When it comes to innovation, it is like hyperspeed in terms of the importance of walking the talk.

When I’m asking somebody else to do that in my organization, and if I’m not doing it myself, that massive disconnect tells people, “I’m not going there. You’re asking me to ask provocative questions but you don’t do it yourself? You’re asking me to spend my time and energy that I could use to deliver results, and you don’t do that? I’m not going there if you don’t go there.”

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A strategic year for 2013

Multimedia strategy: Three steps to take now to best prepare yourself for later

A strategic year for 2013-zgenesis

I am wrapping up my Strategic Management course this week and I have been thinking a lot lately about how it relates to the digital space and more particularly to multimedia development. Strategy involves a great deal of theories and frameworks, but how do you unpack those high-level concepts in order to be left with something actionable? We certainly need more strategy in our field, as I feel like we are always reacting from the past rather than strategizing for the future. Here’s my take at it – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Strategy is still a relatively new field, as some of the original frameworks were developed in the 60s and 70s. Today, nearly all companies either hire outside consultants to perform strategic analysis of the firm and industry, or hire employees for positions such as business development. Simply put, strategy is how a firm attempts to beat competition and win in its industry. The strategic decisions made always have trade-offs, but these trade-offs are the key to potential competitive advantage.

Step 1: If debating whether to start a new company or enter a market, use the Five Forces framework


When examining an industry, analyze each “force” that affects the market. If they are low, there is high probability for success and vice-versa.

For example, strategists consider each force in the PC industry to be quite high because tablets and mobile devices are strong substitutes for the PC, the barriers to entry are low for PC development since components are standardized and you can distribute your product free via the Web, and there is high bargaining power for suppliers due to the powerful brands like Microsoft dominating the space. Thus, they argue that it would be unwise to enter the PC market.

Exercise: Try testing this framework out on the multimedia sector – are the forces high or low?

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Three Manuals for SMEs

This three spanish manuals, show you the importance of communication insides of the SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) and helps you on understanding the effect on you business.

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Viral Marketing = Low Cost Advertising

Nike has just done it again. During the UEFA Euro 2012 soccer final, the company aired a TV spot in which promising talent take to the field against soccer superstars, claiming “My Time Is Now”. Read more…


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QR codes VS Consumers


Gaining access to discounts is the primary reason consumers want to scan QR codes Read more…

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