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To Prepare for the Future, Skip the Present.

“…today’s obsession with saving newspapers has meant that, for the most part, media companies have failed to plan adequately for tomorrow’s digital future.”

By Edward Roussel

“Burn baby, burn.” These are the unforgettable words of a top-ranking Yellowstone National Park ecologist as fire ripped through the park’s forests in the summer of 1988. Read more…

Three Manuals for SMEs

This three spanish manuals, show you the importance of communication insides of the SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) and helps you on understanding the effect on you business.

Download it here…

The World of Social Media

This video infographic shows all the latest facts & figures about social media.

Fusion of technology and historical tradition

From the fusion of technology and historical tradition is born an innovative way to promote Portugal abroad and provide cultural content to visitors. More than 16.000 people already scan it and read this QR code. Once again the Creative Agency MSTF Partners made a very nice work.


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The possibilities of video as teaching material

Video has been a central part of both learning and teaching since the beginning of the moving picture. With video on the web reaching new record levels, it’s time to have a fresh look at innovative ways video can be used to make teaching a better, richer experience. read more…

QR codes VS Consumers


Gaining access to discounts is the primary reason consumers want to scan QR codes Read more…

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The best things on the web

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The most recent inspirational ideas and web projects till today. A presentation from Google Creative Labs.

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