Designing For Play

Digital VS Real World
Divided by zero - interactive dance - zgenesis

Interactive design duo, Hellicar & Lewis, combine backgrounds in professional skateboarding, mathematics, and computer science to create unique experiences that blend virtual and physical, but always end up in the real world.


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One thought on “Designing For Play

  1. Gary dice:

    Hey…Go for it man! I guess a guy like you… with your afflictions… you know what I’m tlaikng about…has to get it together and keep it that way… or you are finished! My congratulations… I think that you have done better than I have in that department… but as you know… we all have our challenges…and so do I. I guess that I am as much a victim of my cultural heritage as anyone… but I’m working on it as well as I can. I’m a painter… I spend time in my studio… as much as I can get away with… observing the way my mind and emotions work and attempting to become friends with them. My favorite guy is Eckhart Tolle…love his insight!I am exploring the dynamics of the creative process. I know that the real creative energy of the universe will uplift me and flow through me if I can just stay out of the way, and realize that I am just an instrument of that eternal power…and that my own ideas are weak echos of trueinsight. My question to you is this… as I work I find that I go through (perhaps several) but at least twototally different ‘mind profiles’…(not knowing what else to call them)…I’m sure that it’s a dynamic that is common to everyone, only noone that I know is aware of it… do you have anyidea what I’m referring to? Do you need more to go on?No…. I am not bi-polar. (I think)Have a great day…all the success in the world to you…Gary

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