First Music Video Created Using Real-Time MRI

Mixing art with medicine

First Music Video Created Using Real-Time MRI-zgenesis-02

We have seen some works of art created using radiographic equipment before, but nothing that comes close to the amazing video below. A musician named Sivu had a music video created by director Adam Powell for his song “Better Man Than He” using only MRI images. It looks like real-time MRI techniques have been used to create the video, capturing movement of the vocal system in a single mid-sagittal imaging plane.

First Music Video Created Using Real-Time MRI-zgenesis

Real-time MRI is a relatively new technique that allows the live capture of images of moving objects and is being employed to study organs such as the heart, joint kinetics and complicated coordinated movements employed during speaking, swallowing and, as seen here, singing. Shooting the video required Sivu to lay in the scanner while repeatedly singing his song for 2-3 hours. It was created with the help of doctors Marc E. Miquel and Andrew David Scott at Barts hospital in London.

[vimeo w=560&h=315]

On a related note, researchers at University of Southern California are currently studying how beatboxers produce the sounds of their music. We’re hoping that another MRI music video may come out of that project.

Sivu’s homepage: Sivu…

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